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The Repercussions live at Chelsea Street Pub in the '90s

From the late '80s to the early '90s, Jim was a member of the Repercussions, a techno-dance-pop band that gigged around San Antonio, Texas.

The Repercussions performed original songs written by Jim as well as covers by artists such as ABC, Sade, Gloria Estefan, Basia, A Flock of Seagulls, and the Cure. During its heyday, the Repercussions could be seen playing at such San Antonio night spots as Monterey Jack's, The Copper Dollar, and Chelsea Street Pub.

The band came together in 1988 when Jim and a co-worker, Charles Chia, began playing together at some informal jam sessions with friends. Jim and Charles realized that they felt a musical affinity and decided to collaborate. The Repercussions started out as a duo with Jim on guitar/bass and Charles handling keyboards and sequencer/drum machine programming. Both of them shared vocal duties. In 1989, Jim's sister Simone joined as a vocalist. Simone left the group in 1991, and for a brief time Jim's other sister, Heather, sang with the band. Later that year Barbara Johnson joined as a permanent member.

In 1992 the band performed its last live gigs, and Charles departed, leaving the group as a duo once again. The Repercussions continued to make studio recordings before disbanding completely in 1993.

The following are samples of songs recorded by the Repercussions. The originals were written by Jim, and all songs were arranged and produced by Jim and Charles unless otherwise noted.



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